Judy's Greyhound Gifts 

Dog Bed Covers

Cost: Bone Shaped - $22.50 Ea, Rectangular - $20.00 ea

The Bedcovers are made out of either denim or colored canvas

which will stand up to the most aggressive rooting greyhound. 

The bedcover size on both the bone shape and the rectangular shape is 36" wide by  54" long.

They can be stuffed with your dogs original dog bed stuffing or we use older bed comforters that we 

had or picked up at local yard sales.  They work great


Bone Shaped



Rectangular Shaped


BED-001 - Denim Bed Cover - Bone Shaped

BED-002 - Dark Green Canvas Bed Cover - Bone Shaped

BED-010 - Denim Bed Cover - Rectangular Shaped

BED-020 - Dark Green Canvas Bed Cover - Rectangular Shaped


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