Judy's Greyhound Gifts 

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Greyhound Beanies

Size: 10" Long

Cost: $6.75

BEN-001 - Greyhound Beanie - Grey

BEN-002 - Greyhound Beanie - Tan

BEN-003 - Greyhound Beanie - Brown


Custom Made Greyhound Rag Doll

Cost:  $20.00



CGD-001- Custom Greyhound Rag Doll

The custom made rag doll measure 20" in length and when you send in 2 pictures of your greyhound with your order we 

will custom design the doll to resemble your greyhound.  All dolls come with an ID tag and papers.

The Greyhound Rag Dolls can be made in most greyhound colors except blue brindle.

All pictures will be returned with your order.

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