Judy's Greyhound Gifts 


Nylon Leads

Cost:  $8.00 each


The Leads are 6' in length and are made out of heavy duty nylon webbing.  The lead has a

sturdy clasp and the combination of the webbing and clasp you can feel secure the your greyhound won't get away.

LSH-100 - 6' Leash - Royal Blue

LSH-200 - 6' Leash - Red

LSH-300 - 6' Leash - Purple

LSH-400 - 6' Leash - Green

LSH-500 - 6' Leash - Navy

LSH-600 - 6' Leash - Black

Velvet Leash

Cost:  $20.00 each

Here is an extra special lead for those special times.  It is 6' in length and the heavy duty

webbing is covered by a very fine black velvet.  Very Classy

VLS-600 - 6' Velvet Leash - Black


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